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Outpatient department Management System

Reduce work & queue around front desk by using Hoscare ERP Software

Schedule an appointment with the Doctor for diagnosis or consultations or vaccination by online booking & billing system, which reduces the queue and crowd around the front desk. Patient information can be uploaded which helps the doctor to quickly access it. Generate Diagonstic and laboratory test reports.Patient medical history generation.

In-patient Department Management System

Make In-patient Department advance with Hoscare, a ERP Software for Hospital

This module manages online patient admission and emergency admission, availability of beds status, ward transfer information, discharge information, diagnosis and treatment history

Pharmacy Management

Track and manage your medicine stock easily

This module manages suppliers’ enrollment, medicine categorization, internal department supply, sales management, medicine stock empty, medicine stock low and medicine expiry alert, return of medicine from patients and medicine return to suppliers, payment, and billing.

Laboratory Management

The entire laboratory is automated by Hoscare from sample collection to report generation

This module manages sample collection information, patients’ information entry payment processing, billing and report generation.

Mediclaim Processing

Give a discount on mediclaim by using Hoscare

This module manages payment and billing with discounting mediclaim claimed by the patient.

Inventory Management

Control your whole inventory from Hoscare ERP software

This module manages the purchase of items required in the hospital, the issue of those items into various departments, maintenance of stock, and setting up the minimum stock / reorder level for each stock.

Financial Management

Hoscare finance module is a software program that gathers financial data and then generates reports.

Create any kind of voucher like a receipt, journal, payment, contra, etc. Easy Access to finance reports, manage department-wise & fund-wise reports, Credit & Cash flow management

HR Management

Employee record maintenance, payroll processing, recruitment, and others tasks can be done easily with Hoscare ERP Software.

This module deals with department designation mapping, allowance/deduction, salary scheme master, employee registration, employee office details, leave scheme master, leave approval settings, Salary generation, report generation and many more.

Blood Bank Management

Manage blood sample, donar and recipient data information.

This module manages all information regarding blood donation, Registration of Blood Donors, maintaining blood bag numbers and expiry dates, and Blood transfusion.

Others Modules

Emergency Management

This module manages online patient emergency admission, availability of beds status, ward transfer information, diagnosis and treatment history.

Mobile Treatment Management

This module manages registration of patient, appointment schedule, patient information collection, doctors time schedule, generating invoice, billing and reporting

Newborn Management

This module manages registration of newborn, biochemistry test and physical measurement report generation, data transfer to municipality, billing and reporting

Morgue Management

This module manages registration of deceased body, assign room and bed and tag number to deceased body, relatives details of incoming deceased, generate invoices to relatives of deceased, billing and reporting

Dialysis Management

This module manages registration of patient, appointment schedule, treatment plans, daily dialysis routine, discharge summary, treatment history, billing and reporting


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