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Medical Document Archieve

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Any data about health is substantially valuable.

There is fundamental advantage in the case of emergency by having a medical archive that one can reach from anywhere and anytime, including all the required data and information regarding one’s health.


The Medical Archive includes patients’ contact information, family members’ medical histories, information about operations and medications patient have had, and details about your lifestyle. Patient can be benefit from early detection and preventative care. Additionally, if you keep a medical record of your child, you can monitor their growth over time. Doctor can easily access medical file while you are being examined by them.Patient have a chance of receiving the most precise diagnosis possible with this method.

On trip overseas, there can be an emergency, and one might need to visit a hospital. A thorough medical archive that is easily available could save life or assist foreign doctors in making a speedy and correct diagnosis in an emergency.
Throughout your life, all of your medical records are accessible with a single click.



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